We’ll provide you 100% Original Brand product. If there is anything wrong or proved copy, we’ll Replace your product instantly and if we can’t, we’ll refund your money instant. But any type of self-made issue will not be accepted for warranty or replacement. We’re selling 100% branded original authorized product Only and every product is QC Passed. There is only 0.1% Chance of manufacturing bug.

Applicable only

Warranty is only applicable in case of a logical manufacturing defect; Customer must notify within 24 hours.


We’ll provide you the accurate and best after sales Service for any inconvenience. Count down starts from the day you received the product. READ THE USER MANUAL or the product usage instruction manual description from internet before use the any product.

Whenever a warranty is requested, we’ll check the product and its accessories. if we found any of the above problem or any self-made problems, no service or replacement will be provided. If there is no such issue, we’ll provide you with necessary service.

1) Customer must have video proof of unboxing the product and product package to file any complaint for “broken” issue, “Color” Issue, “Wrong Product” Issue, “Quantity” Issue or any abnormalities after receiving any product from home delivery or Courier Service.

2) Without Unboxing video no complaint, service and Replacement will be considered. After Receiving the product from delivery man or Courier office customer must make an unboxing video of the product & its full box instantly and save the file for future support.


Sometimes there are some scam fake person/Customer orders to us and after receiving the product they replace it with Replica, broken or Faulty item and ask for replacement or service, so for our safety please keep a video record of the product and its box clearly for understand.

3) No Complain or issue will be accepted after 24 hours. Customer must Keep the Product box, Product and all its accessories fresh and scratch less for the first 24 hours. We’ll not accept any type of scratch on product, not even a tiny scratch. Please be careful about use for the first 24 hours.


Warranty Not valid

1) One Time Replacement in whole warranty Period.

2) Without Invoice or Warranty Label is Damaged.

3) Damages are caused due to the misuse of Customers.

4) Damages are caused by electrical burns.

5) Damage found on the product’s physical fitness or on the wire.

6) Damages are caused due to falling into water or destruction by the Customer.

7) Broken or damages caused by force circumstances.

8) Damages are caused due to falling into the fire.

9) If any liquid falls into our product.

10) Any kind of physical damage. If found improper use, maintenance or repair, and other abnormal situation.

11) Adapter, cable & remote have no warranty.

12) There is no warranty in earphone’s cable/wire.